Negotiating History Across Borders

About Us

Since the 1990s, there has been a proliferation of efforts to foster cross-national dialogue among historians from countries or regions involved in past or ongoing conflicts. In particular, bilateral Joint Historians' Commissions (Ger. Gemeisamen Historiker Kommission) have been set up in Europe and elsewhere. They raise important questions about the role of historians and historical knowledge in post-conflict resolution and reconciliation between nation-states. They also pose challenging questions about the production of historical knowledge at a time when universal truth in history is no longer self-evident.

This forum aims at bringing together joint historians' commissions or other similar endeavors from across the world. Through a comparative study of these cross-national dialogues, it is hoped that one gains a better understanding of the role of historical knowledge and their production today. 

Support from the Institut fur Zeitgeshchite in Munich, Germany, is gratefully acknowledged.

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